July 21, 2021

How To Make an Outdated School Library More Attractive

How To Make an Outdated School Library More Attractive

You can often tell the age of a school by the state of its library. While a school library should stay up-to-date on modern technology and teaching methods, this isn’t always possible for every school—especially those with little funding.

If your school’s library is still using computers from the early 2000s with furniture to match and still has books on the shelves from the 70s or 80s, it may be time for an update. Design a full library remodel with our tips for how to make an outdated school library more attractive so you can reignite the love of reading for every student that uses it.

Out With the Old

The first step to refreshing your old library is to downsize on older furniture and books you no longer need. Some old books are okay to keep—such as old yearbooks or rare books for archival purposes—but if a book hasn’t been checked out in decades, you should donate it somewhere else. Children’s interests are always shifting, and your library’s inventory should constantly cycle through books to reflect that fact.

If you need to keep old furniture due to funding, make sure it isn’t broken or damaged. Consider finding grants or donations to fund brand new furniture for a mini-remodel.

Update the Media Center

Students of all ages need to use computers to put together group projects or solo presentations. Give students a space to do their group projects by creating areas for several students to sit around computers to work. By providing them with a space to work within the school, they’ll be able to easily gather with other students right after school or during study hall rather than grouping up at someone’s house after school for the project.

Cycle Through Displays

Every month, you should have different displays for books and student projects—these updates alone will keep the library feeling fresh and draw interest from the students. Have a section in the library dedicated to spotlighting the hard work students put into their schoolwork or even personal projects. You could hold a monthly contest and highlight each entry on the library displays—from writing to building with Legos, your library will be the place for creativity to thrive.

Refresh the Furniture

The final element that your library needs is new furniture and places for students to hang out on or around it. Give students a place to read together, work together, and socialize with each other by arranging comfortable modern furniture in clusters or centered around tables. Make sure the furniture is well-arranged so students can move it around the room. Don’t forget to place desks that students can push together when working on homework together, tutoring, or doing a group project. Add device chargers to the desks so they can charge their laptop or phone as well.

When your school is learning how to make an outdated school library more attractive, make sure they begin with brand-new furniture that fits students’ needs. At Martin Public Seating, we connect you with the top library furniture suppliers that match the aesthetic of the space and the services the library offers.