January 19, 2023

Ways To Make Students More Engaged in the Classroom

Ways To Make Students More Engaged in the Classroom

As children enter education, it's in their best interest to learn as much as possible to enter the real world. It shapes who they are as people, and they use their experiences in their growing years to make executive decisions for their future. Interest in subject matter plays a large role in these decisions.

However, there comes a time when a student becomes disinterested in their education and prefers not to pay attention. This may happen because the curriculum takes a more professional and less fun approach. Thankfully, there are ways to make students more engaged in the classroom without punishment.

Create Intrigue in Your Lessons

Classrooms are the shaping space for every growing student. It’s when curiosity and learning enthusiasm are encouraged. So, if you find that a child or two isn’t as interested as the others, consider your learning methods and tweak your plan.

Thankfully, this doesn’t take much work. You can create fun games for the students to partake in, allow discussion to encourage socialization and meaningful conversation, or even consider student choice to give them creative control. It does a world of good for growing minds.

Encourage Meaningful Connections

One of the most intimate ways to make students more engaged in the classroom is by establishing connections. It doesn't just mean references from the material to real-life examples but also creating a space of safety and relatability.

If you have students who struggle with understanding a noun or phrase, you can pair it with a real example related to their interests. For example, you can say, "Super Mario jumped over the turtle and grabbed the coin” to explain the use of nouns and verbs. It helps them visualize the phrase all while covering a topic they are interested in.

Welcome Multiple Learning Styles and Intelligence

When it comes to making meaningful connections, creating a lesson plan catered to your students is instrumental in their learning and understanding of a concept. Multiple learning styles don't rely on just talking about memorized material.

Students learn differently in one way or another. While one student likes to learn in a hands-on environment, another classmate likes to use music in their studies to help with memorization. You can constantly adjust your seating arrangement to build catered learning zones that please everyone’s learning styles.

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