Palmer HamiltonStyle and functionality is reflected in the Rally™ table. This table features various top styles; laminate, butcher block, no drip top and epoxy resin to fit your function. Move as needed to reconfigure your space or connect tables too! Sit or stand… whichever is comfortable for you! Rally™ is made in the USA!

You too can create some of the hottest environments in Hospitality. Rally™ helps you create an industrial, loft, warehouse, sports bar or pub space yet keeping it warm and welcoming. The creative design of the table also allows you to maximize space by utilizing wall space and ganging of tables together. Its heavy-duty casters also allow you to reconfigure your space when desired. 



Makerspaces /Fab Labs

Create, collaborate and discover in the Makerspace. Let your imagination run free. Build it with Rally™. The optional no drip edge allows for paint or water to be used without the worry of floor spills. The circle inset is great for mugs or cups to rest in to keep the table top space free. Use the handle to hang tools, or as a pull handle to easily move and reconfigure your space for small or large groups. Design your own Fab Lab. Generate ideas where learning is authentic, engaging and imaginative. Easily integrate technology into a hands-on learning experience. Seamlessly accommodates technology such as 3-D printers.


The breakroom is where people come together for small informal meetings, to collaborate, socialize and eat. Rally™ helps create an informal, relaxing environment. Sit or stand in style.


Work smart. Educate. Stand or sit. Reconfigure your space. Maximize your space by connecting tables. Work in small groups and separate the tables. The epoxy resin top is durable and provides exceptional physical and chemical resistance.


Rally™ is ideal for multiple use classrooms. The ability to sit and swivel provides the ergonomics needed for individual study. The ability to stand by rotating the stool under the table enhances the hands-on learning experience. The ability to stand is critical in creating the right student ergonomics. Casters provide the mobility to create small group collaborative learning while maintaining the ability to create a lecture environment. Backpack hooks are standard with Rally™ and has wood, steel or fabric stool options.

Social Dining Spaces

Flexibility, durability and clean-ability aptly describe how Rally™ tables can meet the demands of your high use multi-purpose space. Rally’s™ heavy-duty casters make reconfiguration a breeze. The attached stools are time and labor savers.

An optional no drip urethane edge laminate top will contain most spilled liquids on the top for easy cleaning. Heavy gauge steel and quality U.S. manufacturing insure that our tables will with stand the rigors of most every environment.



Palmer Hamilton Rally Tables Brochure
Palmer Hamilton Rally Brochure