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Lighting Retrofit Services

Reduce the Cost of Lighting Your School by 50% or More…

We offer a full line of premium lighting retrofit services and products to upgrade any existing facility. From full investment grade audits to professional installation by certified electricians, Shiffler Lighting Solutions is your partner for a successful lighting retrofit.

Investment Grade Lighting Audit

Using the latest in auditing and proposal Software, SnapCount, our team member will visit your facility and complete a survey of the existing lighting system. Depending on the project this can be a sample audit in just one area or a complete room by room fixture count. Using SnapCount we will then generate a comprehensive Lighting Retrofit Proposal including several proposed upgrade solutions with respective energy savings and financial and environmental impact.

Energy Efficient Lighting Products

As an independent distributor we are not tied to one particular manufacturer which means we can offer you a full range of lighting products for any application. Our experienced Product Team selects only the highest quality lighting products with appropriate listings to qualify for available rebates. Our vendor relationship enables us to negotiate the best prices, a benefit we will pass on to you.

Lighting Design

Using the information gathered at the lighting audit, our trained lighting designers create a solution that’s just right for you. Guided by Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) light level recommendations, national and local electrical codes as well energy efficiency guidelines such as Title 24 and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) we make sure your lighting design meets your needs and all agency requirements. We stay on top of current lighting developments and always know the best products for various applications during our lighting retrofit service.

Financial Analysis and Proposal

Our proposals a more than just a price quote. We will provide you valuable information about energy reduction, maintenance savings and overall environmental impact. We will present you with ROI and payback as well as cash flow scenarios and savings analysis. With specific details about the products we’ll use and detailed information about the services we will provide you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.

Project Installation

Whether you have your own labor force or chose to use our services for the installation, we’ll make sure you have everything you need. Using only certified and licensed electricians we can take care of the entire project for your turnkey.

Project Financing

We provide competitive lease-financing options for high performance energy saving lighting retrofit projects for commercial, industrial and municipal clients. Financing allows up to 100% financing for equipment and installation and eliminates upfront costs and budget restrictions. By paying for equipment through energy savings you can create a cash-flow positive monthly payment structure.

Utility and Energy Efficiency Rebates

Every utility around the country offers rebates and incentives to help consumers reduce energy consumption. With lighting being the single biggest consumer of energy across all building types there is a plethora of rebates geared to help consumers ease the burden of implementing a lighting retrofit. Our team can help you find the rebate for your utility and ensure you get the financial incentive you deserve for reducing energy.


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