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What is Active Learning?

Martin Public Seating carries a full range of active learning classroom furniture from MooreCo Education Furniture. This catalog includes many outstanding pieces that will improve your school’s learning environment.

“Active Learning” or “Active Learning Classroom” (ALC) is a term used to define a shift in teaching models from a traditional instructor- centered to a modern student-centered environment. This shift emphasizes more participation and interaction from the student, rather than solely from the educator, leading to a well-rounded educational experience. Actively engaging students leads to a better understanding and retention of knowledge, honing critical thinking skills, and investing the student directly in the subject at hand. Rather than sitting for hours while a teacher presents information, students are instead completely engaged with the subject and with each other, engendering knowledge and retention of the information being taught.

A vital concept of the ALC is fostering the 4 C’s of learning: Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Creativity. Students naturally learn well from their peers and taking advantage of this facet of learning often results in more confident, creative, and critically thinking students. Working together also encourages students to see each other as teammates rather than feeling intimidation by the faster or slower pace of learning of the other, supporting the desire to engage in a subject. ALCs also increase a student’s investment, motivation, and performance. Allowing and expecting a student to take on the responsibility of learning provides them with tools so they can reach their own educational goals. The table (right) illustrates many of the proven differences between traditional teacher-based learning environments and modern active learning models. At MooreCo, our goal is to support active learning environments for students. It starts by providing educators with the tools they need. From collaborative active learning classroom furniture, boards, educational accessories, and soft seating to height adjustable furniture to accommodate students of all ages and sizes, we cover all bases. We strive to foster a flexible, fun, active, and above all inspiring learning space


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