July 22, 2021

5 Tips for Creating a Modern Classroom

5 Tips for Creating a Modern Classroom

The world of education as we know it is changing—from what children learn to how they learn it. As education evolves, so too should its schools and classrooms. Students love the flexibility and brightness of a modern classroom, but what is it that makes these classrooms so different from those of the past? While you and your school board work to update your school’s classrooms, consider what makes a modern classroom so appealing, along with these five tips for creating a modern classroom.

Give Students Space

Students don’t enjoy feeling cramped next to every other person in the room. The modern classroom can fit just as many students in the same room without sacrificing the students’ abilities to stretch their legs and breathe. You can accomplish this by making good use of vertical space—add tall desks and stools rather than shorter desks with chairs attached to them. You might be surprised what a difference separating the chair from the desk makes!

Allow the Classroom To Be Flexible

Another way to create a modern classroom also inadvertently makes students feel like they have more room. By installing module furniture, such as Alumni flow desks, in the room that can combine or sit separately from one another, students can collaborate or work independently, depending on what the work requires. The teacher won’t need to spend precious minutes during class rearranging clunky desks if the furniture is lightweight and easy to maneuver.

Keep the Room Lit With Natural Light

Older classrooms had dingy brick walls with few windows that just made each room feel cramped and prison-like. Your students aren’t prisoners—they’re learning and looking forward to their bright futures. Enhance your classrooms with large windows that let in plenty of natural light, then amplify that light with bright walls and furniture.

Bring in Modern Technology

It’s time to stop condemning technology in the classroom. Modern technology is a large part of how students learn today—students need laptops to take notes, write essays, and do homework. If they don’t have anywhere to plug in their technology, or if the teacher is still using outdated tech, the quality of the lesson dwindles. Bring in portable charging towers and digital tools for the teacher to use at their discretion.

Care About Comfort

As adults, it’s important to make sure that students feel completely comfortable when they’re in class—any posture issues or pain they feel now can stick with them for the rest of their lives. Not only is this important for their health, but with furniture that allows them to sit, stand, or stretch, there’s no reason that students should not feel comfortable during school. Mix up the textures of seating in a classroom to add accessibility for children with autism who may have texture sensitivity that affects their ability to participate in class.

Whether you use all five tips for making a modern classroom or only some of them, putting effort into updating your classrooms will show that your school cares about the effectiveness of its classes. If you need help designing the perfect classrooms with modern concepts in mind, contact Martin Public Seating today. We can help you find the perfect brands to match the vision you have for your school.