Paragon FurnitureMaker Spaces are a school’s hub for both formal and informal learning experiences.

Expanding on the idea of a traditional classroom, maker spaces add creation and play into learning. Equipment in spaces like this can range from 3D printers, to multimedia equipment, robotics kits and wood working tools. The furniture used in this type of space needs to accommodate the equipment, but also be durable and modular and provide a solid and large place to make and places to ideate. Paragon supports this next generation of teaching and learning with our MAKER FARMâ„¢ series, a line of tables and white boards perfectly crafted to support this type of environment.

The way the furniture in a classroom is configured can have a significant effect on how students learn.

Students who engage in a more active learning style by solving problems and working together collaboratively can be encouraged by the way desks and tables are arranged in a room. Space shapes behavior and classroom activities. The best classroom designs are the ones that are most flexible and can be arranged, and then rearranged, to support the type of learning needing to take place. Paragon creates agile and flexible desks, tables, storage and seating that connects students and teachers to lessons, to each other, and to new ways of learning.



Paragon Furniture - Active Learning Implementation Guide
Active Learning Implementation Guide

Paragon Furniture - How to Create a Makers Space in Your School - Implementation Guide
How to Create a Makers Space in Your School - Implementation Guide